Rémi Cierco is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1979 in Paris. After having followed an initial training in art school, he became a scenographer, plastic artist, illustrator, painter ...

He thus has a foot in many artistic professions, which brings him to rub shoulders with very different creative universes. Rémi Cierco is also a Street Art artist who illuminates the city with his childish murals, mixing imaginary characters and graffiti sprayed. You must have come across his paintings while walking in Paris.

When he is not making frescoes, Rémi Cierco paints on various and varied supports, which he recovers during his urban wanderings. Signs, wooden shutters, boxes etc…. he has no preferred medium. Very often, it is this medium that inspires him. He imagines a universe from the object in question, a character, a situation, and the paint strokes, the colors add up to form a story at the end.

In all of Rémi Cierco's creations, whether on the wall or on any medium, there is always a story, making a link between all his creations. The spectator can find his way there himself, or the work can remind him of someone, because we have all already encountered the characters of Rémi Cierco.

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