Cyril Simon, born in 1978, nicknamed 2flui, is a lover of the letters of the alphabet, especially when they are graffiti on unusual walls, he wanders the streets of Paris to contemplate the various graffiti and draw his inspiration from them.

1990 marks the date of entry into his artistic career. 2flui attests to "torturing" the letters already inscribed on the walls he meets on his way. From torture to delicacy, the artist reconnects with letters through meticulous and meticulous calligraphy. Insatiable creator, he searches for the perfect form (of the tag), one which does not exist but which feeds his infinite research. He borders on the ideal form by mixing different metal tools, cardboard… The title of his calligraphy crystallizes the questions underlying each of his features: “brutality”, “oppression”, “where is the world going? "," Crazy ". The finesse and delicacy manage to translate the strength of his emotions. Incisive and delicate are one.

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